TOP 10 Best Bitcoin Faucets in 2019

If you want to start in the world of the Crypto-currencies, faucets are a good way to earn a bit of Bitcoin easily and for free !
Here is a new list with the best 10 Bitcoin Faucets at the moment (May 2019)
I tried them all and I can say they are all working well and there is no scam !
For some of them you will need a or a account, these are special wallets for Faucets. Many Faucets websites are sending directly to FaucetHub or Coinpot , so you don't have to have your money on many different faucets websites !

Please note also that the amounts can vary when the Bitcoin price is changing !

1. FreeBitcoin   >> <<

Claim : 30 satoshis - 0,03 BTC         Timer : 60 min       Cash out : Independent

For me it’s the best ! You will have to enter you E-mail adress and choose a password, do the captcha and click on "Sign up!". You can then earn between 30 satoshis and 0.03 Bitcoin (200$) every hour !! Just for going on the website, doing the captcha and roll !
 And for every roll you do , you get 2 tickets for a lottery that happens every week where you can win 2-3 Bitcoins (over 10.000$) !!! You can also try to multiply your satoshis with the "Multiply BTC" option. And if you follow on Twitter you can sometimes have some special offers !
Try also out the little sister FreeDogecoin !

2. Bitfun    >> <<

Claim : 25-300 satoshis               Timer : 3min          Cash out : Coinpot

One of the most paying faucets ! You can claim every 3min, but if you wait longer, the amount will continue to grow ! And that makes it really interesting. You will have to click on "Register", put your E-mail adress and choose a password. An E-mail will be sent to you and you will have to click a link on it to activate your account.
You can now "Sign in" and claim 25 to 300 satoshis just by going on the website, click on the orange "Play Games", on the blue "Claim now" and do the captcha to prove you are not a bot. Bitfun got also some games ! The satoshis will be sent directly to Coinpot.Co.

3. MoonBitcoin   >> <<

Claim : 25-500 satoshis               Timer : 5min             Cash out : Coinpot

MoonBitcoin is very easy to use, you can get between 20 and 500 satoshis every 

5 min , also depending on how long you wait ! You will need to create a account, but if you register already on Bitfun , you already got a account with the same E-mail and password.
To get your satoshis, you just need to click on "Claim now" and do a captcha ! You will also get 1% bonus per day if you do it at least once a day, and it can go up to 100% bonus !

Try also out MoonLitecoin , MoonDogecoin & MoonDash !

4. BTC Clicks   >> <<

Claim : 10-100 satoshis              Timer : None              Cash out : Independent

To Register on BTC Clicks, you will have to click on "Login/Signup" and then "Earner Signup". You can then enter your E-mail adress, do the captcha and click on "Sigup". An E-mail will be sent to you, where you will have to click on "verify" and enter your Password and check the box. Now you can login with "Earner Login".
To get your satoshis here, you have to click on an add and watch it for few seconds. It's really easy and you can make up to 500-1000 satoshis or more easily in a few minutes ! Click on "Surf Ads" and you can choose there how many and which ads you want to earn bitcoins !

Bitgames :

Claim : 200-2500 Satoshis          Timer : 5min/60min      Cash out : Independent

On Bitgames you can choose to claim every hour (200-2000 Satoshis /hour) or every 10min (250-2500 Satoshis / hour) ! You have to click a few times on the "stones" to claim your satoshis. But they also have plenty of other games to multiply your satoshis and to make big win ! And one lottery every 15min !
To register, go on the website and click on "Create an account" , enter then your Username, E-mail and Password and fill the other informations. Click then on "Complete Registration" on the bottom. You will have to activate your account by clicking on a link they send you to your E-mail address.

6. Big BTC :

Claim : 20-100 satoshis           Timer : 5min            Cash out : FaucetHub

You will need a FaucetHub Account and create a Bitcoin address to claim on BigBTC ! (FaucetHub is a good Faucet Wallet, many Faucets will send directly your claims to there). Once you have one, enter your FaucetHub adress, and then it's really easy, just do the "SolveMedia" and click on "Claim now" . You can get 20 to 100 satoshis every 5min and for every claim you do, you get a chance at the lottery !

7. BonusBitcoin :

Claim : 20-5000 satoshis            Timer : 15min           Cash out : CoinPot

When you get to BonusBitcoin, you will have to click on "Register", and put your e-mail address and choose a password. You will then get a confirmation e-mail on which you will need to click on the link !
Then when you are on BonusBitcoin , click on "Sign In" , and once you are on the page, roll down, do the "Solve Media" and click on "Claim" ! You should have a little window that opens with written "Faucet claim succesful".

8. BTC4Ads :

Claim : 10-100 satoshis            Timer : None           Cash out : Independent

BTC4Ads is the sister website of BTC Clicks. When you get on the website, just enter your e-mail address and click on "Go". Then choose the Password, and do the captcha ! You will then just have to verify your e-mail with the link they send you. You get 500 Satoshis Bonus for registrer ! And then you can click on "View ads" to start to earn satoshis.

9. Cointiply :

Claim : 10-15 satoshis             Timer : 60min               Cash out : FaucetHub
To get started, enter a name, your email address and choose a password, then click on "Create your account". Sometimes it is necessary to refresh the page after clicking to be connected. Then you can earn "Coins" every hour by clicking on the "Roll & win" just below "99,999". But Cointiply also has many other ways to earn Coins! You can also directly earn 100 Coins just by checking your email address. Just click on the link in the e-mail sent by Cointiply.

10. SwissAdsPaysFaucet :

Claim : 25-10,000 satoshis         Timer : 60min           Cash out : FaucetHub
To register on SwissAdsPaysFaucet, first click on "Register" at the top right of the page. You will then have to choose a username, e-mail and password. If you already have a FaucetHub account, you can also enter your FaucetHub Bitcoin address. Click on the object requested below and validate by clicking on the blue "Register" at the very bottom.
You can now login. To earn your satoshis, go to "Faucets" in the bar at the top of the page, then to "Regular Bitcoin Faucet". Scroll down to the page, click again on the requested object and drag the bar just below to the right. You can earn between 25 and 10,000 satoshis every hour!


Here you can find a list with many of the Bitcoin Faucets (With Claim amount, Timer and Cash out method)

NameClaimTimerCash out
MafiaCoins33-33333 minFaucetHub
GR85030 minFaucetHub
Konstantinova205 minFaucetHub
StarBits205 minFaucetHub
xFaucet10-205 minFaucetHub
GetyourBitcoin25-505 minFaucetHub
GetFreeCoin15-4010 minFaucetHub
GoBits12-505 minFaucetHub
Coins4Days20-7060 minFaucetHub
BitGolden10-305 minFaucetHub
TimeForBitcoin25-505 minFaucetHub
BitSilver10-305 minFaucetHub
CokeFaucet205 minFaucetHub
WorldOfBitcoin25-505 minFaucetHub
Fautsy10-505 minFaucetHub
LuckyBits40-8015 minFaucetHub
Xoloniex20-3030 minFaucetHub
HueFaucet10-205 minFaucetHub
BTCforEveryone20-6060 minFaucetHub
YourFreeCoin30-10.00020 minFaucetHub
SatoshiMonster3030 minFaucetHub
DailyFreeBits30-120060 minFaucetHub
Alekscoin8010 minFaucetHub
NotiCrypto3515 minFaucetHub
FaucetWithBitcoin50-300120 minFaucetHub
GeekHash10-500060 minFaucetHub
BTC Mission1560 minFaucetHub
Ref-Hunters13-1560 minFaucetHub
BitcoinGalaxy10030 minFaucetHub
Harena Space10-205 minFaucetHub
FreeSatoshisFH455 minFaucetHub
Bitnow4530 minFaucetHub
BTC Forever12-1430 minFaucetHub
XtenFaucet1-100030 minFaucetHub
BTCFaucetDesign1015 minFaucetHub
FreeBitToday1015 minFaucetHub
CoinDice35-5315 minFaucetHub
FreeBitcoinWin21-5315 minFaucetHub
FanBit10-1005 minFaucetHub
FunFaucet18-3930 minFaucetHub
Jacob's Faucet1560 minFaucetHub
NeedSatoshi15-2005 minFaucetHub
BitcoinClub30-4030 minFaucetHub
20HK10-505 minFaucetHub
ZedClick30-11560 minFaucetHub
Bitcoin14330-15020 minFaucetHub
BTCzone1015 minFaucetHub
KemaBTC40-805 minFaucetHub
TrustBTCFaucet5-8885 minFaucetHub


1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 Bitcoin

I can also recommend the little sister of FreeBitcoin, it’s FreeDogecoin : On there you can get 0,4 to 74.000 Dogecoins (150$) every hour !!
And the 2 sisters of MoonBitcoin :
MoonLitecoin :
MoonDogecoin :
You can get 0,4 – 5 DogeCoins and 500 – 5000 Litoshis every 5min

And Check out the TOP 10's for many differents Alt-coins below ! 

Get some free Bitcoin with Faucets :






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Good luck !!


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